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Top 3 activities for improving teamwork for schools

Now is the time of year when children across the country are counting down the days to the summer holidays. But for teachers, the work is certainly not over yet. If you are part of the school leadership team such as a Deputy Head or Director of Sport you will probably find yourself already starting to plan events for the return to school in September. Enrichment days are a great way to kick of a new year of learning and they are a fantastic tool for developing relationships and practising teamwork skills for new students.

This autumn term is likely to be a strange one with many students having seen little of each other over the previous academic year and many starting at new schools. We have seen a large number of people relocating and this is likely to have a knock-on effect on the number of new pupils coming to schools across the country. Being the new kid is hard enough at day schools but for those kids going off to boarding school for the first time, the new term can be a hugely daunting experience.

This is exactly why it is so important to create a fun and safe environment for children to develop new friendships. This all starts with teambuilding, if a group of students can work together as a team for a common goal, then they will be far closer to becoming lifelong friends. Planning a September enrichment day is a perfect way to welcome back old students and introduce new ones to the school. At Fun Matters, we offer a large range of activities to keep your pupils entertained for hours of fun, and central to most of our activities is team-building skills.

So here are our top picks for activities to improve team working.

Stretch N’ Score

Competition makes for great teamwork. In this fun two-player inflatable game, players race to place the numbers at the edge of the arena before being pulled back by the elastic bungee rope.

This makes a great team game where teams can compete to score points and add up their totals, students run so much faster when their teammates are cheering them on from the sidelines. First, they take the numbers from the central pillar, then run to the edge of the arena battling against another keen competitor. The first one to complete wins. Sounds easy enough, but not when your attached to an elastic bungee rope and are racing against time!

This game is just as much fun for the spectators as they see the competitors fly backwards as the bungee pulls them back to the centre.


9 (2).png

Want a way to test your pupils' balance and coordination at the same time as building friendships?

The Gladiator Joust is for you.

It sounds so simple - knock your opponent off their podium with a foam baton! That is super easy, right?

Well not so easy while maintaining your balance on the podium and at the same time swinging a large foam baton at your opponent. Staying upright in this game takes some skill. But for the spectators, this is a fantastic game filled with hilarity as students wibble and wobble while trying to knock each other over. The cheers from your team help to keep you motivated but the oppositions distraction tactics might just have you landing on your bum.

And to make sure everyone stays safe and happy we provide all the safety equipment - helmets and a soft landing – all you need to do is provide the gladiators.

Big Challenge Assault Course

The Big Challenge Assault Course is always popular. It is the perfect large-scale inflatable to make a centrepiece for any school activity day. The obstacles incorporated within the inflatable structure provide hours of fun jumping over, crawling under, and squeezing through. The range of obstacles ensures everyone has a fighting chance and everyone can have a go. This is perfect for schools with a large age range as it can work equally well for primary, secondary, and even 6th form students.

The Big Challenge Assault Course is also great for team play challenges, such as relay races which always lead to plenty of healthy competition and endless hours of fun. This inflatable activity never fails to provide a fantastic bouncy time for competitors and supporters alike.

Zorb Football

It is euros this year and everyone is going football crazy, everywhere you look there are euro themed events. So, for your school event why not think outside the box with Zorb football?

It is football but not quite as you know it, and its popularity is growing the world over. The rules are the same as a normal football game, but you have to wear a Zorb ball on your upper body. Your legs are free to show off those football skills and barging and bouncing is actively encouraged. There is a lot of bouncing and barging but no bruising! Great to watch and even better to play.

This is a fantastic team-sport game, that is even more fun than traditional football while still encouraging communication and teambuilding.

Your Back-to-school enrichment day

4 (2).png

So, when you are planning your back-to-school enrichment day think about what goals you want to achieve from the event. How can you ensure your enrichment day is hugely beneficial to your new and returning students?

And when you have decided what goals you have, call Fun Matters to discuss how we can help you to reach your activity day goals!