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Royal Masonic School for Girls Case Study

Prior to Covid, we had not run any events for the Royal Masonic School, but we were aware of them and had run a number of events for other schools in their area. As the Covid restrictions started to lift following the first lockdown in June 2020, we were approached by the Royal Masonic School. The school wanted to reward the girls for their hard efforts and good exam results with a celebratory activity day.

Royal Masonic School Background

The Royal Masonic School became an open, independent school in 1978, from which time it has accepted girls from all backgrounds, most of whom have little or no connection to the freemason’s organisation. However, their name indicates their long-standing relationship to freemasonry and their history. 

The Royal Masonic School for Girls is one of the oldest girls’ schools in the country. Founded by Chevalier Ruspini in 1788, the school's original purpose was to educate the daughters of Freemasons who were unable to support their families through death, illness or disability.

The school started with fifteen pupils and a matron in Somers Place in East London and moved twice within London until it finally settled in the magnificent grounds of Rickmansworth Park, Hertfordshire, in 1934. The school now has around 1000 pupils between their preschool, prep school, senior school, and 6th form. This includes both day pupils and boarding pupils.

The school has a strong focus on their core values which are incorporated into pupils’ daily lives. A key aspect of this is to create pupils who have strong interpersonal skills that reflect both empathy and self-confidence. We feel this sits very well which our goals when running an enrichment or activity day for pupils.

Creating a Knockout Day for the Royal Masonic School Girls

The school had already told us the focus for the day was fun and celebratory; something we, at Fun Matters, are experts in. So we recommend our “It’s a Knockout” package as this would offer the pupils a selection of activity stations and equipment to be able to really let their hair down and relax after the stress of exam season and the Covid lockdown.

For our “It’s a Knockout” package, we give schools the opportunity to choose a selection of between 6 to 8 stations or activities. The number of activities can be adjusted as required to suit the school or specific event in question. The day is then run with teams who work their way around the stations to add to their scores and try to knock out the competition. These teams can be based on class groups, school houses or simply chosen by the pupils and teachers.

For the Royal Masonic School, we put together a package that consisted of the big challenge assault course, gladiator jousting, bungee run, stretch ‘n’ score and chicken suits.  The teachers helped us to organise the large group of pupils into 10 teams so that there was plenty of time for every student to have a go on each activity. All the pupils had a great time cheering each other on and engaging in friendly competition. It was lovely to see their teamwork skills at work and they were all very sportsmanly.

After 2 hours of competition, the winning team were crowned victorious. It was a very close run competition and everyone put in one hundred percent effort; from the teachers to the pupils and, of course, our Fun Matters team. Once the winning team were announced there was enough time left over for a fun play session. This was really important for the team at Royal Masonic as they wanted their pupils to have a chance to play and decompress with their friends after the stress of the previous few months. All the pupils had a wonderful time, and the teachers were so pleased to see them all being kids and laughing together. In the evening, everyone (including our team, which was a bonus for us), was treated to a fabulous BBQ on the stunning grounds of the school. Another perfect opportunity for pupils to reconnect with each other after the relative isolation of the first lockdown.

What’s Next for Fun Matters and Royal Masonic School

One of the best compliments we receive at Fun Matters is to be invited back to run further events. And we must have made a good impression on the team at the Royal Masonic School as, since our first event in 2020, we have run several events for them.

Since our first event, we have been invited back to run events including structured competitions on stations such as our assault course, and to run fun days as a reward for pupils. We are now pleased to be the go-to school events company for the Royal Masonic School and we hope to foster our current relationship for many years to come. Just like we have done with our long-running client, Dauntseys School, whom you can read more about here.