Fun Matters event hire


An event at Dauntseys School in Wiltshire is hugely enjoyable for the Fun Matters team. We appreciate the student’s enthusiasm and willingness to participate throughout the day’s activities, which are planned to encourage them to focus on mental and physical challenges whilst having a great time. Archery and laser clays, for example, provided a chance to test their co-ordination, precision, control and focus. 

Whatever their abilities and confidence levels, the youngsters really seem to take away a positive physical and social experience from the activities. 

Activities we provided:

  • Big Challenge Assault Course
  • Stretch 'n' Score
  • Archery
  • Laser Clays
  • Rodeo Bull
  • Surf Board Simulator
  • Jousting
  • Chicket Suit Racing

For more information contact Nick Collyer our Director of Fun

T 01803 872058
M 07970 915327
E [email protected] uk